R2P Certified Consultant Program

R2P™ Concussion Management offers training, certification, and resources to healthcare professionals to provide the latest in evidence-based concussion management. Partner with R2P™ to distinguish yourself as a highly-skilled provider in concussion management, improve the quality of patient care, enhance your reputation, and grow your practice.


  • Stay current with the latest research
  • Use of updated R2P™ tools, innovative treatment techniques, and resources through our online library
  • Build partnerships with other healthcare professionals dedicated to evidence-based concussion management
  • Set your clinic apart as a specialized service provider
  • Obtain specialized training, knowledge and expertise in a rapidly developing medical field
  • Improve quality of care for your patients
  • Marketing opportunities through Find a Member registry of certified clinics and service providers
  • Obtain authorized use of R2P™ logo for marketing materials


Completion of R2P™ Concussion Management courses:

  1. Acute Management of Sport-Related Concussion
  2. Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome
  3. Advanced Management of Post-Concussion Symptoms

A minimum of 80% on written exam, and passed practical component

Member of registered college on good standing

A minimum of 3 years clinical orthopaedic experience